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Prashna Horary Astrology with Krishnamurti Paddhati

Prashna Astrology with Krishnamurti Paddhati (Horary) Video Course

 Authored by World's leading and best KP astrologer from India


Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit)


Reveals time tested KP Rules of making accurate predictions and timing with KP horary/Prashna astrology

Released on Shubh Ratha Yatra 29th June, 2014


The first of its kind in the history of KP Astrology

100+ Brand New real life, professional KP horary solved case studies of Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) fully discussed with timing of events for all cases

20 well explained new and revised Chapters of tested KP astrology theory, concepts, Golden rules and application of KP Prashna (horary) astrology.

Special Tantric Mantra revealed in this course by Dr. Andrew Dutta to overcome all enemies, litigations and dangers 

The course contains:

11 HD quality videos containing 24 hours of original & authentic KP lecture tutorial through Google Drive.


275 pages of professional grade Study Material Book having 100+ new solved case studies and 20 well explained chapters of KP horary astrology rules, concepts and applications in spiral bound volume by courier.

This is one of the most authentic KP Prashna Astrology learning resource in the world that is designed, developed and delivered in the highest standards of "Guru-Shishya Parampara" of India with the most accurate horary predictive techniques handed down by late K.S. Krishnamurti and fine tuned through professional practice by his most able direct students.