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Knowledge of KP System Divine Science

Professional Rules and Principles of Gem Remedies Finally Revealed

The best ever video course in the world teaching and tutoring the Science and Art of making astrological gem prescription to change the life events and Karmic burdens. 

YES !! That is possible. Know from this course how to do it.

Based on a very simple Parashari (Vedic) technique and Dr. Dutta's 219 year old astrological family's "Grahabalabal" method

No elaborate calculations, No memorization of any rules, use any free Vedic astrology software, just look at any birth horoscope and prescribe gems accurately

Also applicable for Stellar Astrology Methods




Sothida Mannan, Jyotishya Mahamahopadhayaya

Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit)


20 Detailed Chapters in a premium knowledge study material book of 189 pages sent by courier.

Close to 30 elaborate real-life Case Studies from Dr. Andrew Dutta's 219 year old astrological family.

6 HD quality videos with over 10 hours of superb video teaching and tutoring in the famous and popular "Dr. Dutta" style through Google Drive direct download.


Premium Knowledge Content

Customer Feedback On Gems Solution Course

Pranam Sir,

I have just started reading gem video course but could not stop myself writing you
Its really gain of knowledge. I am a beginner in astrology and reading it as my interest.
During my graduation..20 yrs great astrologer of our area changed my mindset from his accurate predictions..astrology works.
Learning and gaining knowledge from your courses.thank you again Sir..
Anuradha Nautiyal
M Tech (Lasers), India


Hi Dr. Dutta,

I am very happy and pleased with your video course on Gem Solutions. The explanations in the videos and the study materials are excellent. You have converted me a non-believer into a believer. I will surely try out your family's methods.

Cheers !

John Tierney, Washington, USA


Pranam Dearest Andrew Sir,

Your course on Gmes is my first video course as I am a Vedic astrologer. I am stunned by your spiritual knowledge of Destiny and Fate and you have shown your faimily's method of gem selection. I am very grateful to you for sharing such deepest secrets. I have jyotish experience of 40 years and never ever I have known how easily fate can be changed. You are a true master sir. Please accept my pranam sir.

Yours truly,

Vinod Rai, New Delhi


Good evening sir, Myself Dr Arun Kumar Negi wants to give you feedback and some suggestions..I am member of your JASA magazine..besides this I have all your Video courses from BTR to latest one of SECRETS OF ASTROLOGICAL GEM SOLUTIONS till date. You have almost covered all topics/subjects of KP Astrology very beautifully..I am expecting now Vedic astrology video courses from your sea of knowledge..e.g Match matching video course by both Vedic as well as KP technique. Vedic astrology complete course etc etc nutshell I am expecting Vedic astrology courses of different sub topics e.g STUDY OF DIVISIONAL CHARTS , PREDICTING EVENTS USING VARIOUS DASHA SYSTEMS. MEDICAL ASTROLOGY ETC..Sir as I am a learning astrologer ,your all video courses seems very very beneficial to me..I have no words to define my feeling..these are my suggestions ..

Thanks .


Dr Arun Kumar Negi..


Pranam Andrew Ji,

Your Gems video has opened my eyes. I always thought that Destiny and Fate is same, but you have opened my eyes and now I know why Destiny cannot be changed and Fate can be changed with gems stone. You are the fountain of knowledge and divine shakti Sir. Please accpet my respect. I want to consult you personally sir. Please give your personal number please sir.

Jaisingh Khattar, Rohtak


Amazing knowledge shared by you Dr. Dutta. I am feeling so blessed withthe mantra you have given in the beginning of the course. I was not able to vacate my tenent for last 6 years, ad now after hearing that mantra for last 2 days, he has indicated that he wants to leave.

Your family's principles of Grahabalabal method is so unique and genuine. I never thaought that there is so such simple principles to give gems for marka and badhaka lords also.

A real eye opener for me. Truly a great great astrology blessing for me!!

D.N. Dube, Mumbai


Dearest Andrew Sir,

I just finished your gems course. I took leave from my office for 2 days to study your course and you are a genius Sir! Thankyou from my heart! The entire course is splendid, super, great, epochal....Sir.

You are the greatest astrology guru on earth!!

My sashtang pranams to you!

Radha Kant Patel, Vadodara


Pranam Andrew Ji,

Never ever I thought I will get such illumination about gem prescription methods and techniques. Especially your pointing of the photo of late KSK ji shows how foolish KP astrologers are who say KSK did not believe in gems. You are a true Jyotishee sir. You have opened my eyes.

I have liked the section where you have shown many great personalisties and the gems they are wearing. I am sure that some of them would be your clients.

Sir, I want more from you. Please provide me the details of how can I come and meet you and touch your lotus feet.


Charandas Agarwal, Jaipur


Dear Andrew Sir,

Received your 6 dvds and the book of 189 pages. Its God's gift to me to get your family's knowledge. You are a YOGI sir who has given all these knowledge just at a throwaway price. Sir I was willing to pay laksh of rupees to get such knowledge.. Sir wehenever you come to Kolkata, please let me know sir I want to meet you personally.


Moloy Maiti, Haridevpur, Kolkata


Pranam Dutta ji,

I am very happy with your new course Astrological Secrets of Gem Solutions. I have always been yearning to understand the concepts of how astrologers prescribe gemstones. With your course so many concepts, myths, and false propaganda is now crystal clear to me.

The chapter on Personalities and gems is an eye opener. I was stunned to find that all top notch people are wearer of gems ! You have realyy opened my eyes.

Sir, I pray to God that me He make you stronger and bigger to give many more such courses in the field of astrology.

Respectfully Yours,

S. Mithiran, Bangalore


Simply a great video course. Lots of practical materials and examples. Gem identification chapter is almost as good as any gemological course. FANTASTIC !! Great learning value for me.

Alan Weaver, Boston, USA

189 Pages Study Material containing 219 Year old astrological family's Premium Knowledge On Gem Solutions

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